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  1. How many Incarnations of God are possible?
  2. Are the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit the same as the Seven Cardinal Virtues?
  3. Michael Voris of RealCatholicTV teaches heresy on the Trinity
  4. All Are Not Welcome
  5. The Will of God is One yet Three
  6. Is it always a mortal sin to miss Mass?
  7. In Defense of Father John Corapi - post removed
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  8. Wikipedia Errors on the Immaculate Conception
  9. How could Christ suffer the Passion and Crucifixion if He had the Beatific Vision at the same time?
  10. The moral law versus unjust laws
  11. Our threefold eternal happiness
  12. Did the human nature of Christ increase in wisdom, stature, and grace?
  13. In what sense is the new resurrected body like the old?
  14. Is anything impossible for God?
  15. The All-or-Nothing Attitude
  16. Do the molecules of bread and wine change at the consecration of the Eucharist?
  17. Contra Reginaldus on Miracles
  18. On the idea of a limbo of children in Hell
  19. The excommunication of Catholics who obtain a gay marriage
  20. Summary of posts on homosexuality
  21. From the Cross within Time, and yet from all Eternity
  22. Salvation for Atheists and Agnostics
  23. My new eschatology book is now available
  24. Salvation for Jews
  25. Does the Church oblige us to believe that some souls are in Hell?
  26. The Millennium of peace and holiness between the two Returns of Jesus Christ
  27. The Immaculate Conception and the body of Mary
  28. Ida Peerdeman Of Amsterdam -- Lady of all Nations
  29. Masturbation is intrinsically evil and a mortal sin
  30. Salvation for Muslims
  31. Questions to ask yourself before becoming a theologian
  32. Can women ever be ordained as deacons or priests?
  33. Church teaching on same-sex marriage and civil unions
  34. Wisdom on idolatry
  35. Which Catholic Church will you join?
  36. Contra Reginaldus on Anointing of the Sick
  37. More on the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick
  38. book: The Second Part of the Tribulation
  39. My work as a Roman Catholic Biblical scholar
  40. Progress toward the start of the tribulation
  41. Michael Voris: doctrinal errors on grace
  42. Michael Voris: his senseless rejection of 'Amazing Grace'
  43. Salvation for the severely disabled
  44. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich: free ebooks
  45. Correcting Confusion about the Identities of Persons in the Gospels
  46. My current thinking on the secrets of Medjugorje
  47. Heresies on Hell
  48. Heresy on the Limbo of Hell
  49. Is penance required for a valid Sacrament of Penance?
  50. Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church on Salvation
  51. To what extent may a faithful Catholic disagree with the Pope?
  52. Preparations for the Tribulation: food storage
  53. On the question of Women deacons
  54. Abortion: depenalization equals decriminalization
  55. The U.K. riots and the tribulation
  56. Jesus and the Canaanite woman: Divine insult or figure of speech?
  57. My reply to Fr. Ryan Erlenbushís personal attacks
  58. The death of the Virgin Mary
  59. Contra Cardinal Ratzinger on Levels of Assent
  60. Roman Catholic teaching on Biblical inerrancy
  61. The Arab Spring, World War 3, and the Tribulation
  62. Summary of Dates in Salvation History
  63. Explaining the Catholic Faith online
  64. Biblical chronology: poor online sources
  65. Michael Voris: summary of doctrinal errors
  66. A little boasting about my parish priests
  67. The Only Unforgivable Sin
  68. Reply to Fr. Ryanís Reconsiderations
  69. El Paso priestís ad: the truth about homosexuality
  70. The canonization of Christopher Westís theology of the body
  71. More on the Penance Controversy
  72. Guilty murderer or innocent victim? (On duress and morality)
  73. Roman Catholic Voting Ethics Revisited
  74. Fr. Z. on the Penance controversy
  75. Illegal Immigration and Slavery
  76. Predestination and the Universal Salvific Will of God
  77. Natural Law and the Catholic Faith
  78. Sexual Slavery and Sexual Sins
  79. "Jesus Loathed The Pharisees"
  80. The Next Liberal Pope and the Ordination of Women Deacons
  81. Did Joseph and Mary have a valid Sacrament of Marriage?
  82. Is Bishop Zurek sinning by restricting Fr. Pavone?
  83. The cause for canonization of an assassin
  84. Mexico City Temporary Marriages Invalid
  85. The Marital, Unitive, and Procreative Meanings
  86. Catholic bloggers and Priests For Life
  87. How much influence should the Dead Sea Scrolls have on Bible translations?
  88. Contraception is intrinsically evil
  89. Iranís role in the tribulation
  90. Can a devout Catholic be elected President?
  91. On the impending death of Pope Benedict XVI
  92. Worldwide Protests Prepare for the Tribulation
  93. The Year of Faith versus the Great Apostasy
  94. Latin Translation Error in Unam Sanctam
  95. The Three Popes prediction of Garabandal
  96. Heresy and the Priestly Ordination of Women
  97. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity
  98. Gnats, Camels, and the New Mass Translation
  99. The Next Pope: Cardinal Arinze as Pope Pius XIII
  100. Thinking of using IVF? How many children are you willing to murder?
  101. Iran will soon have nuclear missiles
  102. Iranís Nuclear Missile Checklist
  103. Teachers of Heresy within the Church
  104. Mitt Romney versus Judaism, Christianity, Islam
  105. The Antichrist and the false prophetess
  106. New ebook -- Notes on the Apocalypse: 2012
  107. Iran will nuke New York City
  108. Survival Guide -- Potassium Iodide tablets
  109. Invalid Consecration of the Eucharist due to Heresy
  110. The Next Papal Conclave
  111. Catholic Teaching on Contraception: a Summary
  112. Catholic Teaching on Abortion: a Summary
  113. Jeff Mirus' Grave Doctrinal Errors on Infallibility
  114. Automatic Excommunication for the Use of Abortifacient Contraception
  115. The Principle of Double Effect
  116. When was Jesus born? Scholars do not agree.
  117. Is Sister Margaret McBride still excommunicated?
  118. Can unintended bad consequences make an act immoral? Yes.
  119. Summary of Books by Ron Conte
  120. new book on the secrets of La Salette
  121. How soon will Iran have a nuclear bomb?
  122. Angelic Shepherd and Great Monarch
  123. The virgin births of Jesus and Mary
  124. Extremists will soon take control of Iraq
  125. the Future of the Papacy
  126. My Predictions for 2012
  127. What was the sin of Noahís son, Ham?
  128. Iran plans new nuclear talks
  129. GOP Candidates talk tough on Iran
  130. My comments on Fr. Z.ís predictions for 2012
  131. Is it heresy to reject the teachings of Vatican II?
  132. Former CIA and NSA Director on the threat from Iran
  133. Danielís 70 Weeks of Years: an eschatological explanation
  134. What Conscience Is Not
  135. Could Jesus Possibly Return At Any Moment? No, not really.
  136. Radical Shia Eschatology, Iranís View of the End Times
  137. Why Iran Wonít Nuke Israel
  138. Commentary on the new Mass translation by a Bible translator
  139. Abortion Statistics from a Pro-life Perspective
  140. After we overturn Roe v. Wade, then what?
  141. Iran Nuclear Weapons: Decision and Timing
  142. What If Every Catholic Went To Confession?
  143. Kathleen Sebelius versus the U.S. Bishops: Payback is a Bitch
  144. Evaluation of ĎThe Warning Second Comingí messages
  145. new book on Marital Sexual Ethics
  146. Abortifacient Contraception for a Medical Purpose
  147. Catholic Answers Forums promotes abortifacients
  148. Hypocrisy in the Bishopsí Objection to the HHS Mandate
  149. Are Good Intentions Sufficient To Make An Act Moral?
  150. Say the black. Do the red. Or else. PART I
  151. Say the black. Do the red. Or else. PART II
  152. Jimmy Akinís new heresy on transubstantiation
  153. How To Make A Good Confession
  154. On Eschatology and Ethics
  155. Can an intrinsically evil act be justified by a good purpose?
  156. Christ did not establish the Mass in immutable specifics
  157. Avoiding marital sexual sins
  158. Iranís Progress Toward Nuclear Weapons
  159. Is it a mortal sin not to fast or abstain from meat during Lent?
  160. Who will be the next Pope?
  161. Iran Nuclear Weapons Scenarios
  162. Reasons why Iran will nuke New York City, not Israel
  163. Preparing for the Afflictions of the Tribulation
  164. Will Iran use nuclear weapons as soon as they can?
  165. Nuke Map ó possible location of Iranís attack on U.S.
  166. The easiest to learn method of NFP
  167. A First Strike is the Only Moral Option
  168. Moral Relativism: legal does not define ethical
  169. What is Natural Law?
  170. The basics of Roman Catholic ethics in plain language
  171. Reading my kindle books without a Kindle device
  172. The lesbian at a Catholic funeral incident
  173. Is Pre-emptive War Intrinsically Evil and Always Immoral?
  174. Is Contraception a Form of Health Care?
  175. Concerning the teacher of heresy, Michael Voris
  176. Michael Vorisí Global Warming Conspiracy Theory
  177. Confession in Kind and Number
  178. Dangerous Distortions of Doctrine on Just War
  179. My Predictions for 2012 ó Revisited
  180. How Many Will Be Saved? Refuting the Ultra-conservatives
  181. Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.
  182. Do 98% of U.S. Catholic women use contraception?
  183. The lesbian communion incident: Canon law versus the Eternal Moral Law
  184. Is it a sin? Food Pantry staff ask food recipients to pray with them
  185. Iran cannot nuke Israel, because Israel has nuclear missiles
  186. Birth Control and Church Authority
  187. Why neither the Pope, nor the body of Bishops, can commit heresy
  188. Who should be denied Communion under Canon 915?
  189. Five wounds inflicted on Christís Mystical Body through our liturgy
  190. Judging Persons or Judging Acts
  191. Upon The Annunciation and Passion Falling Upon One Day
  192. Has Iran begun to purify weapons-grade uranium?
  193. New edition of the Secrets of Medjugorje book
  194. new edition of Pope Pius XIIís Address to Midwives
  195. The Abortion Vaccine (What fresh Hell is this?)
  196. Where is Salvation found?
  197. The Distinction between Direct and Indirect Abortion
  198. Moral analysis: the Maltese conjoined twins
  199. Is a Catholic who procures IVF automatically excommunicated? Yes.
  200. Doctrinal Error in the USCCB Statement on Religious Liberty
  201. Cardinal Burkeís Error on Contraceptive Coverage
  202. Iranís Current Nuclear Weapons Strategy
  203. Cardinal SchŲnbornís grave sin of scandal
  204. The Kingdom of the Ten Kings
  205. The CDF versus the LCWR
  206. Obstacles to the Return of the SSPX to the true Faith
  207. How the SSPX nullifies the infallibility of the Magisterium
  208. The Role of the Internet in Triggering the Great Apostasy
  209. My Eschatology books and booklets
  210. Contra Taylor Marshall on the year of the Assumption
  211. Does Contracepted Sex Consummate A Marriage?
  212. The Martyrdom of Saint Mark and its chronology
  213. Should non-Catholics be fired for violating Catholic teaching?
  214. The Warning and the Second Coming
  215. Is Slavery Intrinsically Evil?
  216. The LCWR and the mother of all heresies
  217. Concerning the approval of Bible translations
  218. Signs that the Great Apostasy is Imminent
  219. Faithful Dissent versus Blind Obedience
  220. Diocese Survey finds heresy and apostasy
  221. The sin of Sodom: unnatural sexual acts
  222. Morality and the 1% versus the 99%
  223. Married Deacons and Marital Relations: Church decision
  224. What Jesus said about homosexuality and same-sex marriage
  225. Papabile or Not? Cardinal Peter Turkson
  226. new book on Abortion and Contraception
  227. Contraception Controversy: the unitive meaning
  228. Iranís Progress Toward Nuclear Weapons
  229. Jimmy Akin versus the Magisterium on Contraception part 1
  230. Jimmy Akin versus the Magisterium on Contraception, part 2
  231. part 3: Is Contraception Always Immoral?
  232. Is Iran enriching uranium to 90% yet?
  233. Yet Another False Claim About Contraception
  234. Understanding Accidents, Substance, and the Eucharist
  235. new booklet on the three days of darkness
  236. Catholic bloggers who Attack the Sacraments
  237. Defining Acts versus Non-defining Acts
  238. CDF notification re: Sr. Margaret Farley
  239. The Day of the Crucifixion: Friday, Nisan 14
  240. John Paul II: Contraception is profoundly illicit
  241. Jimmy Akin debates the Magisterium
  242. My credentials as a Roman Catholic theologian
  243. Common Errors on Accidents, Substance, and the Eucharist
  244. The Near Future of American Politics
  245. Catholic Confusion on Intention and Moral Object
  246. On The Marriage Debt
  247. The Inter-Tribulation Period
  248. What Are You Doing To Prepare For The Tribulation?
  249. Do heretics know they are teaching heresy?
  250. Time, Eternity, Heaven, and God
  251. The Three Persons of the Trinity are consubstantial
  252. new booklet on the Nature of God
  253. 130,000 Patients Euthanized a Year
  254. When is a lie mortal and when is it venial?
  255. What is the Kingdom of the Ten Kings?
  256. Fr. Ryan Erlenbush versus the Magisterium
  257. Dying in a State of Original Sin Only
  258. Latest Assessment of Iranís Nuke Capability
  259. Do You Disagree? Whereís Your Theological Argument?
  260. Against Faith-ism and Rational-ism
  261. On Authority and Theology
  262. A Review of Site Reviews
  263. On Speculative Theology and Eschatology
  264. The sources used in sound Roman Catholic theology
  265. Prevenient Grace and Subsequent Grace
  266. Updated article on marital foreplay
  267. On Faithful Dissent (part 1)
  268. Fr. Zlatko Sudac: the Angelic Shepherd
  269. Is lying only immoral if you intend to deceive?
  270. Quiz on Catholicism 001 ó with Answers
  271. Can a person be not guilty of sin by reason of insanity?
  272. A Moment of Silence for the Victims
  273. Are Catholic businesses unwelcome in Boston?
  274. The Portiuncula indulgence of Saint Francis
  275. Faithful Dissent and Faithful Disobedience
  276. Does a Catholic business owner sin by cooperating with the HHS Mandate?
  277. Is Jesus Locally Present in the Eucharist?
  278. Why liars donít go to Heaven
  279. On Faithful Dissent (part 2)
  280. The Tribulation: First Seal
  281. On Generational Curses
  282. When does the Antichrist arrive?
  283. The Tribulation: Second Seal
  284. Commentary on TheWarningSecondComing messages
  285. The Warning Second Coming: the Book of Truth
  286. The Tribulation: Third Seal
  287. TWSC: The Seal of the Living God
  288. Who is Maria Divine Mercy?
  289. TWSC: Errors on Purgatory and Hell
  290. Should you reject the next Pope?
  291. The Warning Second Coming: eschatological errors
  292. Voting Ethics and Intrinsic Evil
  293. The Seal of the Living God
  294. The False Prophet of the Antichrist
  295. The Famine is Approaching Fast
  296. When the great apostasy begins
  297. Limbo and aborted babies
  298. Did Christ have Faith and Hope in His Human Nature?
  299. How should we interpret the story of Noah?
  300. Roman Catholic teaching on the Islamic Faith

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