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The heresies and doctrinal errors taught by Fr. Ryan Erlenbush
The heresies and doctrinal errors taught by Jimmy Akin
The heresies and doctrinal errors taught by Michael Voris

A Genealogical Table of the Holy Family, John the Baptist, and Apostles
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Oldest posts are listed first:
  1. my qualifications
  2. theologians imitate the Doctors of the Church
  3. my translation of Sacred Scripture
  4. complaints about my translation
  5. an unapproved translation
  6. the Bible and footnotes
  7. ad hoc translations
  8. false arguments: ipse dixit
  9. false arguments: pro hominem
  10. Proverbs 16:16-23
  11. heresies: on Scripture
  12. What is heresy?
  13. excommunicated priests and religious
  14. Was St. Joseph assumed into Heaven
  15. The Latin language and Catholicism
  16. photo of a painting
  17. Against Semi-Calvinism
  18. against Magisterium-ism
  19. Is it a heresy to believe that the Pope is always infallible?
  20. Scripture: canonicity of the parts
  21. heretical scientific theories
  22. the Nova Vulgata has serious problems
  23. The Infiniteness of Love
  24. Women should be silent in the churches
  25. false argument: one Saint alone
  26. false argument: the transparent proxy
  27. how many heretics?
  28. Protestantism is material heresy
  29. Who may receive holy Communion?
  30. Science and Ethics 1
  31. The Nova Vulgata New Testament
  32. Cafeteria Protestants
  33. the filioque clause
  34. the filioque clause (continued)
  35. secularized Catholics
  36. What determines the morality of a sexual act?
  37. Natural Family Planning
  38. Catholic teaching on homosexuality 1
  39. Is all marital foreplay moral?
  40. What is Sacred?
  41. Intrinsic evil in the Bible
  42. Jimmy Akin’s heresy on salvation
  43. A Review of Roman Catholic Voting Ethics
  44. Marriage Definition Controversy in Minnesota
  45. Did Jesus approve of gay marriage? Not at all.
  46. New edition of secrets book
  47. Pope Benedict’s comment on condoms
  48. Jimmy Akin’s heresy on contraception
  49. new article: contraception and heresy part 1
  50. Two types of attacks against Catholic doctrine on contraception
  51. Voting Ethics: USCCB versus Cardinal Burke
  52. Is it moral to advise condom use?
  53. Voting Ethics: The Three Fonts
  54. norms of licit dissent
  55. generatio et educatio prolis
  56. Ethics 101: The three fonts of morality
  57. Unnatural sexual acts
  58. contraception outside of marriage
  59. Are there any absolutely immoral acts?
  60. Jesus and the three fonts of morality
  61. ‘Marital intercourse’ or ‘sexual intercourse’?
  62. the separation of good and evil
  63. Magisterial teachings: rules or truths?
  64. Contra Eric Giunta on contraception
  65. group of priests ask Cardinal to resign
  66. Catholic orthodoxy quiz #1
  67. contraception and the principle of double effect
  68. a summary of the three fonts of morality
  69. Lisa Fullam, heretic and professor of moral theology at a Catholic university
  70. Jimmy Akin’s Heretical Errors on Salvation
  71. Howard Hawks: What makes a movie good?
  72. The discussion on the Latin text of Humanae Vitae continues
  73. More on contraception outside of marriage
  74. questioning Janet Smith’s qualifications
  75. The Errors of Michael Voris: anti-Judaism at RealCatholicTV
  76. contraception with a good intention
  77. the Virgin Birth of Jesus
  78. The year of Christ’s Birth
  79. Can Catholic hospitals dispense contraception to unmarried persons?
  80. prescription recreational drugs
  81. good Catholic magazines online: New Oxford Review
  82. Phoenix abortion case: medical facts
  83. unnatural sexual acts are intrinsically evil
  84. Bishop Olmsted suffers reproach for Christ
  85. M. Therese Lysaught’s grave doctrinal error
  86. Sr. Margaret McBride’s canonical status
  87. two physician/ethicists comment on Phoenix abortion case
  88. Fourth article on contraception and heresy
  89. The Moral Theology of Eve
  90. The Moral Theology of Adam
  91. A work of Roman Catholic moral theology
  92. the Song of Songs with saintly commentary
  93. marital sexual ethics
  94. Can condoms be used by married couples if one spouse is infected with HIV?
  95. On Celibacy, Continence, Chastity
  96. Catholic teaching on homosexuality 2
  97. When will the secrets of Medjugorje begin?
  98. Another point about contraception outside of marriage
  99. Catholics who hate Christ
  100. Intrinsic evil: slavery and the death penalty
  101. Gregory Popcak and the book ‘Holy Sex’ -- formal cooperation with the grave sin of fornication
  102. What was the Christmas Star?
  103. Veritatis Splendor – the most important encyclical on ethics in the history of the Church
  104. Jimmy Akin’s heresy on intrinsic evil
  105. Was Mary worthy to be the Mother of God? Yes and no.
  106. Life Begins at Conception
  107. Killing in self-defense: it is moral to intend the death of the aggressor?
  108. Sister Carol Keehan’s grave sins win her the honor of NCR’s person of the year
  109. The single source heresy
  110. Noah and the Flood: literal or figurative?
  111. Marital Sexual Ethics: post-coital unnatural sexual acts
  112. implicit perfect contrition
  113. Intrinsically evil acts: masturbation
  114. intrinsic evil: theft versus expropriation
  115. updated post on Lisa Fullam
  116. Which matters of faith or morals are open questions?
  117. Are the recent bird and fish deaths related to the Biblical Apocalypse?
  118. Communion in the hand or on the tongue?
  119. Abortion in the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services
  120. On Direct and Indirect Abortion: the new proportionalism
  121. Is the Mayan calendar date of December 21, 2012 related to the Apocalypse?
  122. On Predestination and Reprobation
  123. New booklet on the Chaplet of St. Michael
  124. Explicit Formal Cooperation in Direct Abortion by Catholic Theologians
  125. Should every baptized Christian be given the name of a Saint?
  126. When is it moral to break Canon Law?
  127. What is the Second First Sabbath (Luke 6:1) ?
  128. What effect do civil unions have on marriage?
  129. A list of persons who should not be receiving Holy Communion
  130. Is the beatification of Pope John Paul II related to the Miracle of Garabandal?
  131. Does predestination imply that salvation is not available to all human persons?
  132. Divorce and ‘the case of fornication’
  133. The patchwork approach to moral theology
  134. My predictions about Pope Benedict XVI
  135. May married deacons have marital relations?
  136. The right to self-defense versus the right to bear arms
  137. Married deacons: celibacy, continence, chastity
  138. Did Jesus teach the doctrine of inclusiveness?
  139. Is a new ruling from the Magisterium needed on abortion?
  140. The Errors of Michael Voris: distorted doctrine on Hell
  141. A Call for Less Civility
  142. Intrinsic Evil
  143. How should a constitutional amendment banning abortion be worded?
  144. Did the Pope once support allowing married priests?
  145. The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ
  146. Is Lying Always Wrong? — part 1: intrinsic evil
  147. Is Lying Always Wrong? — part 2: the definition of lying
  148. Apocalypse Now? 2011 or 2012 or later?
  149. Can a Catholic married woman use the birth control pill for a medical purpose?
  150. Is the Magisterium able to answer all moral questions?
  151. Intramural apologetics: teachers of heresy abound
  152. 143 German Catholic theologians commit public formal heresy
  153. Is Lying Always Wrong? — part 3: Saint Augustine
  154. Ethics without Sacrifice
  155. Ethics by Example
  156. Unintended Bad Consequences
  157. Errors on Lying at the New Theological Movement blog
  158. Lying and Ethics by Example
  159. Which Papal Encyclical has been most thoroughly rejected by Catholics?
  160. The Distinction between Lying and Mental Reservation
  161. Summary of My Theology: on Hell
  162. The next Great Schism in the Church
  163. Anonymous Teachers of Doctrinal Error
  164. Reply to Fr. Reginaldus on agnoeticism
  165. On the Misuse of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  166. The Unification of All Christians in One Holy Church
  167. Is Lying Always Wrong? part 4: deliberate choice
  168. Is it possible that Jesus will return for this generation?
  169. When is lying a mortal sin?
  170. An error in the definition of lying
  171. The Warning of Garabandal: What it is not
  172. Are the current protests in the Middle East and northern Africa related to the tribulation in my eschatology?
  173. Why is the morality of lying important?
  174. On lying, intrinsic evil, and moral intuition (reply to Peter Kreeft)
  175. Unnatural sexual acts as marital foreplay
  176. Marital sexual ethics, reply to objections 1
  177. Doctrine versus Dogma
  178. What does Sacred Scripture say about the morality of lying?
  179. When is the Pope infallible?
  180. Who is the great Catholic monarch?
  181. Misunderstandings on the Principle of Double Effect
  182. On the reception of Communion by governor Andrew Cuomo
  183. Marital sexual ethics, reply to objections 2
  184. The great apostasy and the papacy
  185. Who Goes To Heaven And Who Goes To Hell?
  186. The Catholic Public Domain Version of the Bible – summary
  187. Revised Edition of New American Bible out soon
  188. The principle of cooperation with evil: introduction
  189. Reply to Fr. Reginaldus on the Knowledge of Christ
  190. Othodoxus -- the blog of a Catholic priest
  191. The principle of cooperation with evil: explicit cooperation
  192. Marital sexual ethics, Reply to objections 3
  193. Proposed: A Papal Encyclical on Sexual Ethics
  194. The principle of cooperation with evil: implicit cooperation
  195. The Warning of Garabandal and the upheaval of Medjugorje
  196. When is it moral to use Natural Family Planning?
  197. No, the recent earthquake and tsunamis are not a part of the Apocalypse
  198. The principle of cooperation with evil: formal cooperation
  199. A case of euthanasia
  200. Potassium Iodide Use in Radiation Emergencies
  201. The timing of the conversion of the Jewish people
  202. Miracle of the Eucharist at Auschwitz
  203. Can calcium protect you from radioactive strontium?
  204. My translation of the secrets of La Salette
  205. Proof that God Exists: the Warning, the Consolation, the Miracle
  206. Roman Catholic Ethics and Infallible Dogma
  207. non-marital sexual acts
  208. Upon The Annunciation and Passion Falling Upon One Day. (March 25th, 1608)
  209. Additions to St. Malachy’s Prophecy of Future Popes
  210. Reply to Edward Peters on the Excommunication of Norma Jean Coon
  211. Eschatological truth or Apocalyptic literature?
  212. Seven Words on the Inerrancy of Sacred Scripture
  213. Apocalypse Survival Guide for Christians
  214. Catholic teaching on homosexuality 3: Saint Thomas Aquinas
  215. New American Bible Revised Edition – Review part 1
  216. Eschatological Predictions for 2011
  217. New American Bible Revised Edition – Review part 2
  218. The effect of the Warning on U.S. politics
  219. What makes one mortal sin worse than another mortal sin?
  220. The death of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  221. Apocalypse Survival Guide – my comments (updated)
  222. New American Bible Revised Edition review of inclusive language 1
  223. The Transfiguration of Christ and the Warning of Garabandal
  224. More on the question of heresy, women’s ordination, and excommunication
  225. My books in Kindle format
  226. What is Conscience?
  227. Is the Papal Magisterium always infallible?
  228. My theology books in Kindle format
  229. book excerpt: New Insights….
  230. Chronology of the Last Supper

    [Note: I've removed several posts, listed above without a link, from my blog because they contain incorrect dates for the Warning, Consolation, and Miracle.]

  231. Chronology of the Resurrection
  232. Jimmy Akin’s heresy on Transubstantiation
  233. What is the Divine Nature made of?
  234. On the Manifest Grave Sins of Fr. Manuel Pousa
  235. The Immaculate Conception was a miraculous virgin conception
  236. Who is Fr. Reginaldus of the New Theological Movement blog?
  237. The Dogma of Intrinsically Evil Acts
  238. Must the penitent perform the penance assigned by his confessor in order for the Sacrament of Confession to be valid?
  239. The identity of Fr. Reginaldus of the New Theological Movement
  240. More on the topic of Penance and Valid Confession
  241. Do most non-baptized children commit a mortal sin as their first rational action?
  242. Is the upheaval that precedes WW3 imminent?
  243. How to be "very very happy and perfectly fulfilled," without God, while dwelling in Hell forever?!?
  244. David’s Psalm to the Lord in the day that the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies
  245. Catholic commentary on the death of Bin Laden
  246. More Catholic commentary on the death of UBL
  247. On the heretical teachings of Fr. Martin Rhonheimer
  248. Love of Enemies, Forgiveness of Sinners
  249. Fr. Ryan Erlenbush’s doctrinal error on original sin
  250. contra Jimmy Akin on the Year of the Birth of Christ
  251. Who is Cleopas mentioned in the Gospels of Luke and John?
  252. A summary of the heresies taught by Jimmy Akin
  253. contra Jeff Mirus on Contraception
  254. Papal Infallibility in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis
  255. Catholic Orthodoxy Quiz
  256. The many grave errors of Toowoomba Bishop William Morris
  257. What would Jesus say to terrorists?
  258. More on Jimmy Akin’s heresy against the dogma of Transubstantiation
  259. Are all wealthy persons thieves who are guilty of mortal sin??!!!
  260. Is Jesus Christ physically present in the Eucharist?
  261. Embryo Adoption: a moral option for infertile Catholic spouses
  262. Roman Catholic teaching on masturbation – part 1
  263. Which sexual acts are moral, and which are immoral? Sexual ethics and the three fonts of morality
  264. The Two Swords of the Church
  265. Thoughts about Bible Translations: 1. Accuracy
  266. Saint Joseph Never Sinned
  267. John the Baptist Never Sinned
  268. Thoughts about Bible Translations: 2. More on Accuracy
  269. Faithful Dissent from magisterial teaching
  270. Faithful disobedience from temporal authority of the Church
  271. Is it Church teaching or Personal Opinion?
  272. Is Jesus the Way, the Truth, and the Life?
  273. Third Reply to Fr. Reginaldus on the knowledge of Christ
  274. 4th Reply to Fr. Reginaldus
  275. Erosion of the Canon of Sacred Scripture
  276. Annotations in Bible translations
  277. Against Catholic Fundamentalism - 1 - Private Interpretation of Scripture
  278. Fr. Zlatko Sudac documentary
  279. Why we use masculine words to refer to God
  280. Baptism forgives all sins -- ALL sins.
  281. Inequality within the Trinity
  282. The Arab Spring as a preparation for the Tribulation
  283. Excommunication and Voting for Abortion
  284. Saint Thomas on Heresy
  285. Mary is not the Mediatrix of All graces -- contra Taylor Marshall on Mary's role
  286. Theology Q and A (2 June 2011) - Baptism, Mary as Mediatrix, Material Cooperation, Contraception
  287. On the death of Jack Kevorkian and the teaching of the Gospel
  288. On praying for sinners who died unrepentant from grave sin
  289. In Roman Catholic moral theology, what is a moral object?
  290. The miraculous virgin birth of the Virgin Mary
  291. Can an adult be validly baptized against his will?
  292. Catholic hospital forbids contraception for a medical purpose to avoid grave consequences
  293. the Book of Revelation -- prophecy about the future
  294. Anathema, Excommunication, and Heresy
  295. Modern-day Apostles of the Great Apostasy
  296. Are we required by faith to believe that Adam and Eve were two real historical persons?
  297. Biblical chronology Q and A (9 June 2011) - Noah's Flood, Jesus' Birth and Cricifixion, the Writing of the Gospels
  298. When is a teaching infallible? Must all infallible teachings be manifestly evident?
  299. Can a Pope commit the sin of heresy?
  300. The Secularization of Sacred Scripture 1

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